Activist network of workers, students, retired and claimants in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
The network was launched out of the bottom up protests of the students, which others were keen to support and now campaigns against cuts.

We meet every fortnight at organise specifically to oppose cuts to services, jobs and communities.

We aim to coordinate with other local campaigns including campaigns to save Libraries; Youth services; Play services; Pools & Leisure centres; City Hall; Sure Start services etc.

Monday 30 May 2011

Anti Cuts Network supports Demonstration Against Political Policing. Defend the right to protest!

Join us for a Demonstration Against Political Policing – Sat 11th June

A demonstration against political policing is being planned by the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign and supported by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, on Saturday 11th June. The protest will be held at monument from 12pm, and there will be an open microphone for all contributions against political policing. We will have representatives from other defence campaigns and groups, making the links between different instances of police repression, and exposing the conscious and planned state strategy behind it. This kind of demonstration is vital to defending our democratic rights and raising awareness about the behaviour and interests of the police. We need to be out on the streets showing solidarity with all those who are being targeted and criminalised in their fight against the cuts, and making it clear that the state’s repressive tactics will not intimidate us into inaction.
We welcome involvement in building and planning for the demo from all other groups and individuals who oppose political policing – to get involved email or come along to the Anti Cuts Network planning meeting on Wednesday 1st June, 17:30 at the Tyneside Irish Centre.
If you are supportive but unable to come, please send us a short message which we can read out on your behalf.
Defend the right to protest! End political policing!

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