Activist network of workers, students, retired and claimants in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
The network was launched out of the bottom up protests of the students, which others were keen to support and now campaigns against cuts.

We meet every fortnight at organise specifically to oppose cuts to services, jobs and communities.

We aim to coordinate with other local campaigns including campaigns to save Libraries; Youth services; Play services; Pools & Leisure centres; City Hall; Sure Start services etc.

Thursday 21 July 2011

Pirates against the cuts

Anti Cuts Network are calling all pirates, sailors and assorted seafairers to a protest on Thursday 18 August on the good ship Northumberland Street! We shall be assembling from 4pm (time and detailed to be confirmed)

As summer hits the UK, tax havens of the super rich and big businesses are being used to nick our well earned booty, and billions in pounds of treasures are being stolen from our NHS, schools, colleges and local jobs and services.

Join the facebook groups and events to find out more, or search for "pirates against cuts" on facebook

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