Activist network of workers, students, retired and claimants in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
The network was launched out of the bottom up protests of the students, which others were keen to support and now campaigns against cuts.

We meet every fortnight at organise specifically to oppose cuts to services, jobs and communities.

We aim to coordinate with other local campaigns including campaigns to save Libraries; Youth services; Play services; Pools & Leisure centres; City Hall; Sure Start services etc.

Friday 13 September 2013

Anti Cuts Network workshop at Peoples Assembly

Tomorrow the anti cuts network and newcastle free education network are doing a workshop on using creative tactics in fighting the cuts.

Our workshop is at 11.45am in the Martin Luther King room in the students union

See you all there.

We'll be showing films like these:

Tyne and Wear Metro cleaners win at Industrial Tribunal

After 2 weeks of strike action this summer, metro cleaners in RMT have won an industrial tribunal recognising they have been illegally underpaid.

There dispute over low pay and crap conditions conditions, but the strike action, protests and legal action taken by RMT looks like it is forcing the bosses to negotiate.

Watch this space for more information.

And the workers have continued to put pressure on councillors demanding they hold the contractors to the councils policy of Living Wage in Newcastle (see photo) story