Activist network of workers, students, retired and claimants in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
The network was launched out of the bottom up protests of the students, which others were keen to support and now campaigns against cuts.

We meet every fortnight at organise specifically to oppose cuts to services, jobs and communities.

We aim to coordinate with other local campaigns including campaigns to save Libraries; Youth services; Play services; Pools & Leisure centres; City Hall; Sure Start services etc.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Pirates of the Tax Havens 18 August, Northumberland St, Newcastle

Twenty activists from Anti Cuts Network took part in a Pirate themed protest against the use of Tax Havens on Northumberland Street, Newcastle.

Pirates set sail past Boots (who moved head office to Switzerland to avoid paying tax on it's annual £475,000,000 profit, only paying 3% of it's profit in tax). Next Vodaphone ( 20 subsidiaries in Mauritius to avoid capital gains tax In UK, and recently struck a deal to reduce £6 million in uk tax to just £1 million)

The afternoon protest also took in Philip Greens store Evans (green who paid himself £1.2 billion wage and avoided £300,000,000 in UK taxes which could have paid for 15,000 more nurses or 40,000 univeristy student places alone)

The protest also focused on HSBC, NatWest and Barclays. (Natwest and RBS chief earned £2.4 million while sacking 9000 workers, these banks are reported to have 550 subsidiary companies in tax havens to avoid paying uk tax, HSBC recently reduced it's tax to just .25% from profits of the recent PFI projects to build hospitals.)

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Location:Newcastle Upon Tyne,United Kingdom

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